CSE Gitlab Repository Server

Who can use the server?
  • Courses and projects run by CSE.
  • Users with an active CSE account. Therefore, gitlab users whose CSE account has expired will be blocked and subsequently removed together with their projects from the server.
    How to login?
    • Login on the UNSW tab using zid/zpass
    • For UNSW Username enter your zid only, e.g. z5555555
    • For Password enter your zpass
      Why is my gitlab account blocked (or need approval)?
      • Because you attempt to login on the Standard tab
      • Because you attempt to login before an account has been created for you. It will be unblocked by a process every 6 hours provided that you have an active CSE account.
      • Because your CSE account has expired or you don't have a CSE account.
      Why can't I login?
      • If an error similar to this *Could not authenticate you from Ldapmain because...*
        is displayed at the top, it means your zpass is locked or expired even though you can log into myunsw
      • Unlock or reset your zpass at https://iam.unsw.edu.au/home.
      • If there are too many failed login attempts, your gitlab account will be locked for 10 minutes.
        Wait for the lock to expire before login again.
      Who to contact for gitlab related issues?
      • Check the course forums. If no one has raised the problem you are having, post it there.
      • Ask your tutor and your course admin in that order.
      • As a last resort, email ss@cse.unsw.edu.au.
      CSE Gitlab Repository Server